Manual lineament extraction

Lineament extraction from geological map. Both raster used for comparison. The most suitable method. After the accuracy assesssment, final parameters of. The most widely used software for the automatic lineament extraction are ERDAS, ENVI and PCI Geomatica. Parameters¶ Input Image [ raster] < put parameter description here> Selected Channel [ number] < put parameter description here> Default: 1 Available RAM ( Mb) [ number] < put parameter description here>.

The highest densities obtained are oriented NE- SW, N- S and E- W, with the predominance of the first direction. Results will be enhanced if geology, geophysics and topography data is added as auxiliary information. To be the reference of the output, manual lineament extraction with directional filtering in four principal directions ( N- S, E- W, NE- SW, NW- SE) is found to be the most suitable method.

Focused features extracted at the faults zones. Lineament extraction using MOLA DTMs was previously outlined [ 6, 7]. The objective of this study is to compare lineament maps generated by automated and manual extraction methods using Landsat ETM data. Landsat ETM+ image data used in manual and automated lineament mapping for yellow- shaded Ways of increasing objectivity in the interpretation are. 2 Manual lineament extraction from satellite images processing: This method depends on extract lineament via digitizing the.

The lineament extraction results of the three DEMs were quantitatively analyzed and compared in terms of number, total length, and density of the extracted lineaments as follows. Ticularly to connect broken segments into a longer lineament [ 53]. In order to check the reliability of the automatic lineament extraction, manual lineament extraction is referred as a reference.
False color images are produced for manual lineament extraction because they increase the interpretability of the data. Introduction Lineaments are defined as mapable linear surface features, which differ distinctly from the patterns of adjacent. Principal component analysis Visual comparison of two. With the written code, a location and length based accuracy assessment is carried out. Although lineament extraction by a geological expert using satellite imagery can effectively characterize a fracture system, this process is subjective and difficult to extend to a wide area because lineaments can be overlooked in a large- scale analysis; it is also limited because the process is time consuming in. During manual extraction four methods ( filtering, PCA, band rationing and color composites) are used.

From the results obtained, an elimmination is done within the 15 % tolerance limit. The lineament density is ( 3) Intersection density analysis created by spatial analyst tool in ArcGIS10. Numbers of extracted lineaments. Lineament extraction. Using Remote Sensing for Lineament Extraction in the Central Part of Libya Dr. For the comparison of automatic lineament extraction and manual lineament extraction processes, total length and number of lineaments and directional analyses are carried out by constructing the rose diagrams.

The result of this study show a positive correlation between structural geology ( faulting, lineament, warping) and the dominant extracted lineament orientations. This is the main stage in the application. Manual lineament extraction is a subjective process. The relative advantages and disadvantages of digital image processing and manual ( visual) lineament interpretation are discussed. Lineaments extracted by both the manual & automatic techniques.

Manual lineament extraction. 1 Lineament Extraction Lineament extraction can be conducted in two main ways, which is manual and automatic ( digital). Manual lineament extraction requires full interpretation and pure user analysis. Lineament from the geological map of Maghrabah a scale 1: 250. Determine the size of the mask ( 3x3) and set the minimum and maximum value of pixels and set the finite values for the pixels of the mask. Tech- tutor with Fitsum 49, 140 views.

Of Geology - Faculty of Sciences Aljabel Alghrabi University Abstract: Remote sensing data is very important for the study of structural geology and extraction of lineament, it gives a glimpse of tectonic events. Lineament Extraction The second stage of the methodology is extraction of lineaments from satellite images and final map generation. Most methods are based on edge filtering techniques. Key words: Lineament, Linear Features, Satellite Image, Filter, Automatic Extraction, Direction, geospatial analysis, directional filters, PCI geomatica. There are various computer- aided methods for lineament extraction that have been proposed. Mwaniki a* a Department of Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Sciences, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, P. Using the manual method found that the lineament density concentrate on the N- S direction. The lineaments are extracted from JERS- 1 SAR, Landsat TM, and DEM data using both manual and the automatic Hough transform method. Younes Ajal Abulghasem Dept. Lineament extraction There are two common methods for extraction of lineament from satellite data: ( 1) Manual Extraction Digitize the lineaments by user directly from the geological map either satellite data by using directional or non- direct filters such as the laplacian directional filter edge and sobel. In this work we will qualitatively compare the results obtained from the automatic mapping approach and from a traditional tectonic lineament mapping. Org Manual and automatic extraction of lineaments from multispectral image in part of Alrawdah, Shabwah, Yemen by using remote sensing and GIS technology Lineament intersection density is defined as map showing the. Landsat 7 ETM + images covering the study area were used as raw data for the manual lineament One hundred and thirty eight lineaments were extraction process. Performance evaluation of lineament extraction methods in ASTER satellite images 253 2. This method was done based on expert judgment image interpretation and clues used for lineament mapping, namely drainage pattern, tonal variation,. Automated lineament extraction Lineaments are extracted from satellite images using automated extraction techniques in order to compare with the manually extracted lineaments. We demonstrate the robustness of the approach in a complex area in the northeast of Afghanistan using a panchromatic QUICKBIRD- 2 image with 1- meter resolution. Automated lineament extraction by using PCI Geomatica.

Comparison of the two output maps indicated that manual extraction produced better results. From comparison between manual and automated methods, notes that the lineament density would be the largest manual method. Automated lineament extraction. Furthermore, edge extraction is not adequate for performing.

Manual and Automatic Extraction of Lineaments From Multispectral Image in Part of Al- Rawdah, Shabwah, Yemen by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology. The main advantages of automated lineament extraction over the manual lineament extraction are its ability to. For the comparison of automatic lineament extraction and manual lineament extraction processes, total length and. How to Download ( GIS) Data for Any Country Especially Shapefile ( Boundaries) and DEM - Duration: 8: 02. Data and methodology: The study area corresponds to the eastern margin of the Thaumasia.

Manual / Visual Lineament Extraction Manual extraction was done for both FCC images Figure. Finally, we compare the results of TecLines with manual lineament extraction, and other lineament extraction algorithms, as well as a published fault map of the study area. Keywords: Lineament extraction, mid Iraq, Landsat- 8, lineament density Introduction:. Manual lineament extraction delineated through manual extraction method.

Second, a lineament map may be produced using computer software and algorithms ( 3, 15, 2, 10, 11, 17) A comparison between the visual and automatic methods for lineament extraction is shown in Table 1. For the comparison of automatic lineament extraction and manual lineament extraction processes, LINECOMP program is coded in java environment. Most researchers prefer the manual technique, despite the fact it is more time- consuming and subjective, as it allows a higher degree of operator control.

Table 2 summarizes the 27 Landsat- 7 ETM+ scenes used for automated lineament mapping across much of Afghanistan, which are also depicted as overlapping, yellow- shaded path and rows within location figure 1. 2 software by 71 www. The results of lineament extraction indicate that the predominant direction is the NNE direction of azimuth angle 0/ spl deg/ - 30/ spl deg/, and the second dominant directions are the NNW, NE, and WNW directions. The accuracy of the lineament map for the whole. BoxNairobi, Kenya. As a result, final operating parameters for automatic lineament extraction process of LINE is determined.

Figure 10: Manual Lineament Extract from FCC 5, 4, 3 Automated Lineament Extraction. 2 Manual Lineament Extraction The manual extraction was a two- fold process involving digitizing lineaments from a Geological map of Gedo and Bakool and from the visible lineaments and faults in the composite image satellite image and sobel filtered iamge of band 7 of Landsat in the four principal directions. Different combinations of three bands are examined and the best visual quality is obtained with a false. Geology Mapping and Lineament Visualization using Image Enhancement Techniques: Comparison of Landsat 8 ( OLI) and Landsat 7 ( ETM+ ) M. Lineament, though subjective based on author’ s experience, can yield important result, especially when compared to known structural features. Au- tomatic lineament extraction uses 3D image ( DEM) or in this study is resulted from two raster interpolation.

Pixel range of the mask is based on the pixels that are in the data range of Input Image. Manual lineament extraction. Automatic lineament extraction method approach does not discriminate man made features during the analysis, as well as the automated lineament extraction method was worked successfully over the hilly area ( topography might be the main reason for this problem which was eliminated in the data bands and easy to extract by using automatic method). Keywords: Lineament extraction, mid Iraq, Landsat- 8, lineament density. Key words: Lineaments extraction, Satellite images, Nefza, Tunisia. Lineament extraction in this study is performed in two ways: Manual lineament extraction. From this method we get 49 lines from the map geology. Besides these, field studies and previous studies carried out in the study area are also taken into consideration. Automated Lineament Mapping. Lineament vector map can be produced using manual digitizing techniques ( 1, 38).

Manually extracted lineament map is tested with the fault map of the area compiled from eight studies. Study area partly covers the North Anatolian Fault Zone in Turkey. Encompasses of several image enhancement techniques, viz.

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