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What stayed initially was the Karat cassette system. For as little as $ 1 a month, you can help support the upkeep of this website. It had a different shutter than I' d ever worked on, and the bellows would be an adventure if I had to replace them. The Karat uses standard 35mm film in special 12 exposure Karat cassettes. Agfa Karat & Karomat Focal Guide Camera Manual, More Instruction Books Listed.

Made in 1953, it came with a choice of non- interchangeable lenses: a four- element Agfa Solinar 50mm f/ 2. German 35mm film camera ( Rapid cartridges). The Karat 12 has a combined viewfinder/ rangefinder and a lever wind. The Agfa Karat range is one of my favourites.
One unusual feature of the later Karat' s was the unusual rangefinder system where the whole viewfinder image divided for focussing. Turn milled disc of spool until the film is tightly stretched. If you have used cameras, lenses, flashes, and any other photo gear you want to sell or trade, check out our sell your gear page.

Agfa Karat 12 Schneider- Kreu znach Karat- Xenar 5cm f/ 2. All later Agfa film cameras were OEM products. Agfa Karat IV - - Classic but relatively unknown 50' s folder. 8 was the first of a second generation of the Karat series which involved a complete restyling of the camera body, the addition of a rangefinder and the use of faster lenses. It was later called the Karat 12 to differentiate it from the newer Karat 36. A pre- war camera, made from 1938 to 1941, this one is fitted with a Solinar f/ 3.
This small folding 35mm camera emerged in the 1940s, I believe, and used preloaded cartridges carrying a short length of film that allowed you to shoot 12 photos at one time. Weekly challenge 7/ 6 - 7/ 12. The Agfa Karat is without a doubt one of the best cameras I never knew. 35mm rangefinder camera. The Karat 36 introduced in 1948 did away with this system and reverted to normal 35mm film. 8 5cm lens in a Compur- Rapid shutter. 8 was the first of the second series of Agfa Karats. All the other Karat camera use their own " Rapid" 35mm cartridges. Agfa karat 12 manual. Investigation showed that the drive shaft to the cocking rack& pinion was somewhat bent. 5 lens in a Compur shutter, and has been fitted with flash synch at a later date. SquarePeg posted, Replies: 26 First Of The Series. 100% guarantee on all orders.

The first Agfa Karat, now known as the " art deco" model, was released in 1936. 8 / 12 camera with Xenar f2. I suppose Agfa must have gotten complaints, because after the Karat 36 above they released the Karat IV with a ' normal' coincidence rangefinder, much like the one on the Super Silette.

This particular camera is fitted with an uncoated Schneider- Kreuzenach Xenar lens set in a Compur- Rapid shutter. At the start of this process I had cleaned, lubricated and rebuild the film advance and the Compur- rapid shutter so the parts which needed further work were the focus helicoid and the. 8 Agfa Solinar, a nice Tessar type design known for sharpness, and a Synchro- Compur M- X shutter.
Green Mountain Camera is always on the lookout for quality used equipment. Please try again later. This is not mine. The cartridge film system of the early models was dropped in favour of the standard 35mm film cassette, and the Compur shutter replaced with a Prontor- SVS shutter. 8 ( four elements) ; Agfa Solagon 50mm f/ 2; Rodenstock Heligon 50mm f/ 2; Schneider Xenon 50mm f/ 2 ( all six elements) Takes 135 film 24× 36 mm negative size. The camera is a beauty too.
We all have our go- to cameras. There were several other Agfa Karats that were released in 1936, and I don' t know if they were released concurrently or over the course of the year. WAJDA PHOTO - Vertical rangefinder in German engineering.
The Agfa Karat IV was the final iteration of the Karat design and probably the most impressive of the line up. Mine is the third version of the Karat 36. A printed manual for the Agfa Karat 36 from us will cost you much less than it would cost you in ink and paper to print it yourself. In response, AGFA would revise the Karat 12 to use Kodak’ s 135 format and would release the new model as the Karat 36 in 1948.

Here seen with the lensboard in the closed state. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. The AGFA Karat 12 continued to be made until about 1950 when the AGFA Karat cassette system was phased out due to being unable to compete with the huge success of Kodak’ s 135 format.
Agfa Karat IV Camera Instruction Manual Guide Informational Booklet 554. But they didn' t look too bad, not falling apart like some Agfa' s I' d seen. Agfa karat 12 manual. Html - this one appears to be version 3 of this model. 5 original 2nd series, without the strap lugs, but after the black finish models, made in 1938 at the start of the war. Most US photogs are probably not aware of Agfa' s many 35mm cameras.

Takes Karat, ( rapid), Standard 35mm film in the cassette to cassette method, like the Agfa Ansco Memo from the States. If you aren' t completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. Insert flap of film in slit of spool up to second film perforation with which the carrying tooth must engage correctly.

Agfa Karat printed camera manual. It is however one of the quirkiest cameras in my unreasonably large collection of rangefinders and rangefinder lenses: the Agfa Karat. Personally I don' t find the split mirror rangefinder particularly easy to use. ( Not just stiff with grease, although that was also the case).

8/ 5cm lens ( 1). Com to bring you a selection of Agfa Karat 36 instruction manuals and related photographic literature for almost every Agfa Karat 36 camera and. Lens: Agfa Solinar 50mm f/ 2. The Karat 36 was the first Karat to use 135 film rolls and could take a maximum of 36 exposures.
AGFA KARAT CAMERA ART. In the mid to late 1990' s Agfa sold low end compact digital photography cameras under the Agfa ePhoto name, while their desktop scanners were called Agfascan. The lens standard and bellows arrangement are basically identical to the Karat 3. Most experienced photogs are aware of Agfa, the renowned German manufacturer of film, photographic paper, and one of the best B/ W developers of all time, Rodinal. 8, or faster 6- element Agfa Solagon, Rodenstock Heligon, and Schneider Xenon lenses, all 50mm f/ 2. EPHOTOzine has partnered up with OldTimerCameras. The more people chuck me a small. All Karat' s featured this until the model 1V which uses a conventional rangefinder spot. Save agfa karat 36 to.
You would have to develop it yourself or make sure the exposed cartridge container is returned. Agfa karat 36 manual, agfa karat 36 value, agfa karat camera, agfa karat repair. Vtg AGFA Karat 36 Rangefinder 35mm Film Camera Schneider Xenar 50mm Lens Germany.
Post War model with an uncoated Schneider Karat- Xenar 1: 2. Agfa Karat 12 cartridges look like Ansco 24 cartridges who are lightly bigger. Cjs- classic- cameras. 8 / 12 camera with. Com to bring you a selection of Agfa instruction manuals and related photographic literature for almost every Agfa camera and accessory ever made. The Karat 36 is fed with the standard miniature film cartridge, It will not take the special 12- exposure " Karat Cartridge" of the Karat 12 model.

When this Agfa Karat 36 arrived, it was well and truly jammed! The merging between Agfa and Ansco at the end of the 20’ s allowed the development of the Karat 12 cartridges. This particular model of the Karat 36 came with the 2.

5, while the body is entirely new. Save agfa karat iv to get e- mail alerts and updates. This camera uses conventional 35mm film as well as the Karat 36. But in the end, three models of the Karat gave me nothing but false hope and lots of heartache. The Agfa Karat 2.

Agfa gave up camera production in 1983 after having been taken over by Bayer in 1981. It was similar in design to the Karat 12, but had a silver- coloured shutter plate and no longer had separate buttons for opening and closing the lens struts. This feature is not available right now. Above is the model named which is equipped with a Compur Rapid shutter and an accessory shoe, the film wind on is not synchronised with the shutter. Available stock for the Agfa Karat 36 All our manuals are printed to the highest quality and bound as a convenient sized book.

The Agfa Karat is a legendary series of cameras, made my Agfa, a Camera Legend. Agfa Karat 12 re- assembly procedure The pictures above show the steps that I took during the agfa karat 12 re- assembly, but I’ ll also outline the process here. It may be possible for you to load 35mm film into these cartridges, if you had two cartridges.

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