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I use the Waves Q10 for cuts too, not sure there' s any reason not to! Waves L2 Hardware UltraMaximizer Mastering Compressor / Limiter Rack. It also happens to look pretty much brand new cosmetically. Dithering options. The Waves L2 UltraMaximizer is a hardware version of the ever popular L2 limiting plug- in.
Pass audio through the L2; for more information, see your host application system manual. Select part or all of the soundfile you wish to process with the L2. How does it compare to the software version? Waves L2 software guide page 5 of 18 Chapter 3 - Using the L2 THE PEAK LIMITER SECTION 1 - Open a soundfile in your host application. Peak limiter / level maximizer plugin IDR™ Increased Digital Resolution with double precision bit re- quantization and dither with 9th- order noise shaping filter Manual and ARC™ Automatic Release Control. Using a combination of instrument treatments, mellow mallets, small pencil condensers and elite Class- A outboard gear ( Lexicon PCM 91, Avalon EQ, Waves L2 Hardware Limiter, Manley Variable Mu), we were able to capture an incredibly usable mix.

The newest installment in Waves' Ultramaximizer signal processing series is the L2 plug- in for TDM, the software re- creation of the critically acclaimed L2 hardware unit. Waves IDR™ process brings more choices, greater control, and unmatched compatibility to the mastering environment, whether for high- resolution CD or low- resolution multimedia. I' ve tried some other digital limiters and the L1 was best at removing digital overs while raising level.

In this example, the L2 is after the Mackie, not inserted. BTW Brad, I like the option of link/ unlinked too. TDM users get support for their ProTools hardware, as usual. Get the Waves L2 Ultramaximizer plug- in and take control of your dynamics. Software user manuals, operating guides & specifications. In this article by Waves, Mark Ronson states : " Obviously the L2 Ultramaximizer is something I use all the time. Waves is the world’ s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.
I' ve only ever used the software. 2 - Listen to the output of the L2. I don' t like the idr, dither or noise shaping at all in the software, but it sounds ok with those off. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The L2 Ultramaximizer and F6 Floating- Band Dynamic EQ are tools I use for really helping cymbals where the snare is too dominant. Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Peak Limiter and Level Maximizer Plug- in Features at a Glance: Powerful look- ahead brickwall peak limiting and level maximization Manual and Automatic Release Control ( ARC) Increased Digital Resolution ( IDR) with double precision.

That' s where you come in! The best gear advice always comes from those who use it the most. Waves: L2 owner' s manual Item Preview remove- circle Share or Embed This Item. Compression is one of those areas where DSP- based units have traditionally been noticeably inferior to their analogue counterparts.

I' m not gettin happy here! What does anyone with experience with the Waves L2 hardware have to say about it. Waves l2 ultramaximizer excellent. Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Mastering Processor Limitercompressor. Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Peak Limiter and Level Maximizer Plug- in Features: Powerful look- ahead brickwall peak limiting and level maximization.

And then there’ s hardware that I actually have in my studio, like the dbx 160 compressors, but I only have two of those, so once I run out of analog channels I use the Waves dbx 160 in the box. Single- page " quick- start" instructions walk the user through the proper setup and operation. Let the pro audio world hear your voice with a review of the Waves L2 Ultramaximizer - Electronic Delivery. Find great deals on eBay for l2 hardware. I downloaded the manual and checked through, and I' ve not found anything? Waves Audio MaxxBCL Hardware Dynamics Processor L2 Ultramaximizer Analog Limiter.

Formerly known as the Diamond Bundle, this includes favourites like the original L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, the C series of compressors and Q. This ‘ ultramaximizer’ ( essentially a look- ahead stereo mastering limiter) is the only digital unit to make the cut. IN THE BOX The oldest part of the package is the complete Waves 5.
The new Waves L2 hardware is based on the L1 software, known by almost everyone who' s used the Waves processing available for Pro Tools, Premiere and other programs. Waves Puigchild Hardware Manual I still like the Puigchild, but didn' t as much after finally getting a UAD version. The L2 is unique among our list. The item price includes free shipping, and professional quality packaging. I will offer free shipping with this sale. The hardware L2 and the software L1 and L2 have been around for quite a while now, and have been facing increasingly sophisticated competition.

Once you submit your review, please check your email and verify your address to have it posted. Looking for a used Waves L2 Hardware UltraMaximizer ( mastering limiter)? Waves L2 Hardware Ultramaximizer Mastering Compressor Limiter Rack. For mixing, mastering, and more, the L2’ s legendary combination of look- ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and ultra high resolution give you the power and extra gain you need with crystal- clear results every single time.
In the past, before I started with the UAD stuff,. Buy Waves L2 Ultramaximizer - Loudness Maximizer Plug- In ( Native/ SoundGrid, Download) featuring Manual and Automatic Release Control, Look- Ahead Peak Limiting Double Precision Re- Quantization ( IDR). This unit is working perfectly in every regard. The L2’ s legendary combination of look- ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and ultra high resolution give you the power and extra gain you need with crystal- clear results every single time.

View & download of more than 65 Waves PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. It' s a digital processor that can handle up to 96 K sample rates and has a pretty high quality 24 bit analog to digital and digital to analog converter. EBay Logo: Shop by category. Shop with confidence.

Enjoy a great deal on Waves L2 Hardware UltraMaximizer ( mastering limiter) s and other used signal processing gear at Sweetwater! Then the L2 receives this 24bit input, performs processing at 48bits, then reduces the wordlength down to your final 16bit output to the DAT recorder. Sometimes the L2 can just stick it back in the mix enough, but it’ s worth trying to limit the 400 Hz range if you’ ve got something boxy happening – especially if the drums have been tracked in a low room.

Waves l2 hardware manual. Waves' answer is L3, a clever multi- band implementation of the same concept. You will hear a tremendously clean signal featuring perfectly smooth transients, transparent highs, warm mids and tastefully rolled- off lows, with just enough ambience to prevent sterility. Waves has included a very good manual with the L2, because a lot of the concepts and operations are new and, if incorrectly used, can yield irreversibly poor results ( such is the case with all powerful digital processors). Just interested if its still a relevant piece of gear.

Enter your search keyword. Class- A outboard gear ( Lexicon PCM 91, Avalon EQ, Waves L2 Hardware Limiter, Manley Variable Mu), we were able to capture an incredibly usable mix. All Waves purchases and upgrades include one full year of Waves Update Plan coverage.

Send the best quality signal to the L2 box, you should set the mixer for a 24bit output, not 16, as this would truncate the sig nal! Was wondering why I didn' t get it included in my hardware. Designed to be the last process in the mixing chain or in the mastering studio, the L2 is a stand- alone, 48- bit/ 96kHz two- rackspace hardware unit, based on Waves' second- generation technology from its L1 Ultramaximizer mastering software plug- in. The L2 hardware version came before the L2 software plug- in, but is modeled after the L1 plug- in. Skip to main content. I' ve also emailed com.
Heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games worldwide, Waves’ cutting- edge software and hardware processors are used in every. Review L2 Hardware Waves Ultramaximizer. The algorithms are carried out to their fullest potential in the L2 hardware from Waves, although they have their roots in the L1.

It includes: Complete Compatibility with all major audio hosts and operating systems. But wait, wasn' t the L2 hardware unit the physical manifestation of the L1 Ultramaximizer plug- in? Navigate to D: \ Waves\ Plugins and click the Select button The Waves Preferences window will now appear. If anyone has the new I can just do this manually but the convenience of the knob is nice.

Next I PMd a Waves go- to guy I know, hope he' s on this, but seeings as its almost 9 pm in NY on New Years Eve, he' s probably slidin into his first glass of Dom. The point with this thread is that really the main reason to choose a hardware L2 over the software plugin is to be able to use it as hardware - eg in mastering or in broadcast. Digital, signal, shaping, waves, level, noise shaping, software guide,. Waves has never followed the.

The Waves Update Plan is a complete care package, allowing you to protect your investment and always stay current with Waves latest version. Shop by category. If the SoundGrid server and network switch are switched on and connected with the appropriate cables, the Waves hardware can de fined in the Audio I/ O Device 1 and Server 1. Native users have separate Mac, MacTel, and Windows versions.

It' s the emulation and creative stuff that' s improved significantly.

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